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Welcome to OPEIU Local 13

O.P.E.I.U., Local 13 was chartered in St. Louis, Missouri on February 1, 1945. We service members at Credit Unions, Labor Unions and Labor Councils in Missouri, Illinois and Texas. Our goal is to provide workers with job security, good wages and benefits, as well as fair and equitable working conditions. We are there for our members and believe all working people should have a collective voice in the workplace.

“Donald Trump’s caustic hostility to collective bargaining has manifested itself in the most anti-worker NLRB in America’s history. The labor movement will fight these actions with everything we have.” 
- Rich Trumka, AFL-CIO President

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(excerpt from Steward Update Newsletter, volume 6,issue 3 – George Hagglund, Professor Emeritus at the School for Workers, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Why can’t I leave the job before the end of the shift, as long as it doesn’t hurt my employer?What’s the harm? As you may have guessed, management is likely to have a different answerto that question than workers would…and a lot of workers end up in big trouble because of it.The arbitration record indicates it is quite common for workers to get fired for leaving the jobwithout permission. To help in these situations stewards need to have a good understanding ofemployer rules, how other workers were treated under similar circumstances, and the natureof the job performed by the worker who’s in trouble. Here are a few examples of what arbitrators see as allowable – and not.

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